Newborn Sessions - Sweet Pea Photography

Newborn sessions are a wonderful way

to document your new baby's early days.

Im so pleased you've decided to take the

decision to think about a newborn

session. You certainly won't regret it!

Your baby will change so quickly but you

won't see it till time has passed and you

look back at your photographs! So what

does it cost? There is no session fee! I do

this free so there is absolutely no risk to

you. The session itself is around three

hours and I then edit the gallery for

around 6-8 hours. This will cost you

nothing. I do however ask for a

deposit of £99 when you book your session,

this is to stop people

not turning up for their session.

The £99 is then taken off your order.

If you wish to place an order then

there is a minimum spend of the £299

which is the smallest package


When should I book?

Ideally you should book in after your 20

week scan. I aim to photograph them

between  day 6 and 10 so if you don't

contact me until your baby is born its

unlikely I will be able to give you a

session in time. That doesn't mean if

youv'e missed that window I cant help

you. It just means that after 10 days the

babies wake up and stretch out and you

will likely have a different kind of session

with different kinds of poses.

The session

The session itself can last anywhere

between 2 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours. It

just depends on how the baby settles but

I will always try to be as efficient as I can

so your not sitting around longer than


I will try to get a couple of different

background changes for the beanbag

shots and will also try to do a couple of

prop shots, but again baby depending :)

To finish off I always like to get some

parent shots so please say if you dont

want any.

Newborn sessions only take place during

week days. The studio gets booked up on

Saturdays with family portraits. If you

have older children you would like to

include please consider asking to take

them out for an hour and then taking

them back to school. 

What happens next?

 At the session we will book in your

ordering session. Preferably 7-10 days

later. So please come prepared with

when will be a good time for you. I used

to do online galleries but have stopped

these. I felt as though I wasn't delivering

on what's possibly the most important

part of your journey with me and I was

missing out on the wonderful reactions.

I was also aware that people were

probably viewing the images on a phone

which was killing a little part of me every

day. Your images are wonderful and need

to be seen BIG! they need to be displayed

BIG in your home and I want to ensure

you enjoy every part of your journey with

me at a time when life can be a little


So i will invite you back to a personal

viewing of your images around 7-10 days

later. Its at this point you will decide

which package you would like to


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