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Family's grow so quick, life gets busy and before we know it the children are busy every weekend with activities and socialising with their friends. Next thing you know they're off to uni or college and they're soooooo grown up! You've obviously thought about this and thats why you're here. A family session is just the nicest way to bring everyone together. no matter how old they are its just so important to freeze time and pop it on the wall. im really flexible when it comes to style but this will be discussed when you book. As with all my sessions there is no session fee! I do this free so there is absolutely no risk to you. The session itself is around one hour and I then edit the gallery for around 6-8 hours. This will cost you nothing. I do however ask for a deposit of £99 when you book your session, this is to prevent people not turning up for their session. The £99 is then taken off your order. If you wish to place an order then there is a minimum spend of the £299 which is the smallest package available. At the session we will book in your ordering session. Preferably 7-10 days later. So please come prepared with when will be a good time for you. I will invite you back to a personal viewing of your images around 7-10 days later. Its at this point you will decide which package you would like to purchase. Please consider purchasing wall Art, digital images are wonderful for the freedom to share and print but nothing is quite as wonderful as having a beautiful piece of art on your wall for you, your family your friends and most importantly your children to enjoy, treasure and admire for a long time.


Spring, Summer Autumn and not so much Winter are all great seasons to get outside with your family and  have a photo session!

Theres always one member of the family who does all the picture taking and is never in them!! Is that you?

Outdoor sessions are best done first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day when the sun isn't high in the sky. 

I have a couple of locations I like to use but im always open to suggestions.

These sessions give such a nice variety of backgrounds and allow me to capture the children at their most natural.

A studio session is the ideal setting if you want to stay clean, dry and keep everyone contained :)

I  have various coloured backdrops and the classic white.

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